Let us help you with your First Decade of Youth Ministry

Join us for helpful, practical training, access to personalized coaching, inspiration, idea-sharing, laughter, smaller learning options all from people who get you and stand shoulder to shoulder with you in the trenches of youth ministry! 

This experience is an all-access three-day event with Doug Fields & Josh Griffin at their home church [Mariners Church] in Southern California.


years of youth ministry experience to learn from this group of people … yup, we’ve been doing this for a long time, and are all still serving in the local church youth ministry to this day.

Why a “First Decade in Youth Ministry” Conference?

After decades in the trenches of youth ministry we’ve learned a vital truth: longevity is key. It’s not just about clocking-in the years; it’s about unlocking the power that can only come from staying “in it” a long time… nurturing meaningful relationships, showing up consistently, developing habits and skills that help create an environment for a lasting impact on the lives of teenagers. 

And that’s why we’ve put this conference together–to meet you right where you are, offering the support and encouragement you need to press on toward your first decade in ministry.

  • If you’re in the first few years and starting out, this is the place to get a HUGE head start on how to do it.
  • If you’re in it for a while and looking for some actual training, this is the place for you
  • If you’ve been in youth ministry for a while but need the community, friendship and latest tactics to reach students, we’ve got you covered
  • This conference is LOADED with ideas, skill training and laughter you desperately need
  • Taught by people actually still doing youth ministry, who believe in the impact of your role because they experience it first hand

Simply put, we want you to do GREAT ministry for a LONG time. This will give you a HUGE boost for the year, and coaching toward a bigger vision of a career and impact that can be measured in decades, not months or years.



Starts: Tuesday 2pm
Ends: Thursday 3pm



Mariners Church
5001 Newport Coast Dr, Irvine, CA 92603


(SNA) Orange County Airport [10 min from Mariners]
(LAX) Los Angeles [70-200 minutes depending on traffic]

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General Info

Come and learn

  • 7 Primary Reasons Youth Workers Quit Too Soon
  • How to find, develop and keep volunteers
  • How to cast vision that people will follow
  • Programming essentials for a healthy youth ministry
  • How to evaluate & change (if necessary) your existing programs
  • Tips for managing your time and deepening your spiritual life
  • How to win when working with others (church staff, senior pastor, volunteers) 
  • 5 essential leadership skills you’ve got to develop

Smaller, breakout sessions

In addition to several large group gatherings we’ll have a few breakout sessions where you get to pick and choose from a menu of topics including:

  • Helping parents win
  • Proven communication principles 
  • Managing conflict
  • The essentials of pastoral care 
  • Helping students develop evangelist habits
  • Developing student leaders
  • Discipleship ideas that are time-tested
  • How to develop great programs
  • Understanding culture
  • Keeping your ministry safe

Why this event?

We (Doug Fields & Josh Griffin) have a combined 60+ years of youth ministry experience working in the church and love helping youth workers. In addition to founding DownloadYouthMinistry.com we are both working in the local church and want to continue to pour into the next generation of youth workers. We’ve learned that when youth workers gather together great things happen… and not only are we gathering with you, but we’re inviting some of our youth ministry friends to join us to invest in your future!

These friends are veteran youth workers who will teach, listen, consult, pray and come alongside you for any help you might need. Some are nationally known, but many are just long-term youth workers who said “yes” to sitting at a table with you and being all-in for whatever you need. Think of it like available-veteran-on-site-coaching (that’s included in the price of registration).

Why limit space?

We’ve run national conferences with several thousand youth workers that have been amazing… but, we like this size best. Why? Because it fits comfortably at our church, it’s small enough to meet everyone and yet it’s big enough for memorable, lively, and fun crowd dynamics.

Table groups & personalized coaching

One of the benefits of limiting spacing is TABLES… we prefer tables to rows and we will capitalize on this by having vetted, veteran youth workers at each table. This table-lead will be available at every session to help you in whatever you need–personally or professionally. Plus, the type of leaders we are choosing to facilitate are also the types that will be there for you long after the conference is over.

This year’s speakers include…

Doug Fields

Youth Pastor

Josh Griffin

Youth Pastor

Jessica Sanchez

Youth Worker

Kristen Lascola

Youth Ministry Coach

Josh Boldman

Youth Worker

Mari Trapp

Youth Worker


I’m part-time at my church, will the content apply to me?

Does a one legged duck swim in a circle? 100%… for sure it will.

I’ve heard of legendary events you’ve put on in the past (DYM100)... is this event going to be like the others?

Kinda… but, not really. Each DYM100 was unique and full of surprises. With this conference we’re shifting gears a little and focusing more on a specific type of training (Your First Few Years)… BUT, there will be some similarities to DYM100 (fun, accessibility, etc…). We’ve been telling DYM100 veterans that this event will have less “Wow!” and more “Content!”

Is it true that Justin Bieber is returning this year as a special guest?

No, he couldn’t make it this year, but we reached out to Grammy award winning group The Jonas Brothers to see if their brother Frankie was available…still haven’t heard back.

Are meals included in the price of the conference?

Some are! (Tuesday dinner; Wednesday & Thursday lunch)

Where should I stay?

AirBnB if you like being recorded while you sleep, or at a hotel, or with a friend, or on Doug’s couch. It’s up to you! When you sign up you will get access to a private Facebook group and you can jump in and talk details like room or ride-sharing. We’re also working with a couple local hotels in search of deals and will post them on this site ASAP.

Is childcare available?

While we cannot provide childcare during training events, we do our best to remain flexible while being considerate of the other attendees’ learning experience. Our goal is to be as accommodating as possible while ensuring all of our guests have the best experience!
We have periodically had attendees bring their young children with them to conferences (the added cuteness on campus always brings a smile to our faces)! Since we do not provide childcare, attendees can find seating in the back of the room so they can have an easy exit in case their little one gets restless/loud and needs to leave the room for a bit. Luckily, the audio from the meeting room can be heard over the speakers throughout the building we host the event at, so even when people need to leave the room, they can continue to listen to everything that is going on in the room. There are several spaces in the building (booths, couches, etc.) where parents can move and continue to listen in on the training.

Still have questions?

Email us! [email protected]

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