11/08/2023 Update

Helloooooo DYM Roundtabler!

*Enter square peg joke… one day I’ll be as funny as Doug & Josh, watch this space! Lauren here … Doug/Josh’s best friend (hoping this title will stick) and event planner assistant.

I am so excited we are only 4 sleeps away to our time together!! Registration opens at 1:15!  Session one STARTS at 2:00.

*Lauren Tip 1:  These guys are crazy about ‘last one in’.  Beware, heed my warning  😉

Here is a brief overview for your scheduling needs:


Mon. 2:00-8pm

*Lauren Tip 2:  Monday night we are dining outside at a phenomenal location near the water, temp. is 60!

For us pansies, that is FREEZING… to be fair, ocean air does make it feel colder.  Please bring WARM layers for the evening.

There will be after dinner options continuing the fun as well!

Tue.   9am-6pm

BUT there is an after-party not to miss until 10pm

*Lauren Tip 3:  Bring athletic wear/shoes with you on Tuesday morning.  It’s optional, but a super fun post-dinner

shenanigans is Tue. Night. It’s fun to come even if you don’t ‘participate’ in activity.

Wed.  9am-3pm


Meals:   Your registration fee includes dinner on Monday and both lunches on Tuesday and Wednesday.  Tuesday dinner is on your own, groups get together and we can recommend places close to our ‘after-party’.

We have a vivacious volunteer team to assist, so don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions.  Here to serve!

Coordinating the chaos with joy,



10/25/2023 Update

Hey gang… 

We’re a month away from being together for 3 days at DYM’s RoundTable and we couldn’t be more excited!

We just finished our DYM100: First Few Years last week… it was so rich and rewarding pouring into “newish” youth workers. Can’t wait to be with you so very soon.

In preparation for your time here, we’d love for you to fill-out this survey for us to gain a better understanding of the topics that most interest you. As you may (or may-not) remember (from our website description), this “conference” is going to be more like a conversation than a conference. We’re going to talk “youth ministry” and learn from one another. Your answers to these questions will help us establish a better agenda.   

From here on out, you can come back to this page to get the most up to date information about our event. After you fill out the survey, we’ll answer some of your questions on this site, so check back weekly to make sure you’re in the loop.

Can’t wait to be with you soon!

Doug Fields & Josh Griffin

Initial Confirmation Email

We’re SO pumped you’re joining us at the DYM200: Roundtable Conversations event w/Doug Fields & Josh Griffin this November in Southern California. We’re excited for the content, community, laughter and fun we’ll have togather. A couple of important updates so keep you in the loop in the run up to the event:

1) FACEBOOK GROUP: the Facebook group is here! If you’re looking to split a hotel room or rideshare from the airport or just get to know everyone, our new DYM Events page JUST launched and you can check it out right here:

2) SOME SPOTS LEFT: There’s still room for more people at the conference! Who needs to jump in right away or join you? Shere this link with them and they can still get in:

We’ve got GREAT plans together. And we’re hoping this event shapes your whole story as well. We’ll learn a ton together this Novemberr. Let’s do this!

Doug & Josh
Co-founders, Download Youth Ministry &