HOSTING this event is a WIN for you AND your volunteers…

It’s a WIN for you because we save you hours (maybe days) of prep work to pull off a training event PLUS you get some great host perks (see below)

It’s a WIN for your volunteers because they get to hear from amazing speakers talking specifically about youth ministry and they can do that from the comfort (and convenience) of their home church.

– you don’t just watch the training, you own the training content to use on-going for volunteers
– get 10 churches registered to attend your site, and get Host registration fee back
– private Facebook Group to connect with other Hosts
– monthly FaceBook Live with Doug & Josh
– first access to lead at DYMs “First Few Years” event in October 2023
– $50 DownloadYouthMinistry credit
– $50 YouthMinistryUniversity credit

HOST this event ($399)





What’s required of a host site?

Space to host and the ability to play a video. You can download the whole thing ahead of time, greet people at the door, and press play. YOU create a welcoming environment and open the doors of your church. We’ll do the rest!

If I Host, Do I Have to Pay for My Volunteers to Attend?

No! As a Host site, you can bring as many volunteers as you can and it’s all included in the hosting price.

Is this a streaming event? We have terrible internet and I’m freaking out!

NO, this is NOT a streaming event. Our strategy is to get this everywhere: into rural areas with lower speed internet and into church basement youth rooms where the wi-fi is rough. So you can hit up a Starbucks with great internet, download the entire event, and simply press play on the day of! Yeah!

So, what kind of technology do we need?

A computer and a screen is all you need! Most churches are going to host it in their “main space”, whether that’s a sanctuary or shared worship center. Then again, if your youth room has a better sound system, go with that! Whatever works best for you and the amount of youth workers who sign-up for your location!

There are locations near me, but an hour away. Should I host?

For sure! Most groups will pile into a van and drive across town, maybe even a couple towns over, but 45 minutes to 1 hour is about the limit. So host it at your place! Get your church and others in your area involved and have a GREAT community-wide training day!

This date doesn’t work for me… can we host it earlier or later than September 23?

While we’d love for you to do it on the day we’re promoting, we understand that you may need to gather all your volunteers on a different day. Simply UPGRADE to a Private Host and you will get access early to content on August 15th and be able to conduct the training on your schedule.

Will DYM help promote the training locations?

We will definitely do our best to spread the word and fill each host location. But there is an expectation that each site will invite their local networks and churches as well. Attendee registration will open in April 15, 2023. (Each church can bring as many volunteers as they’d like.) We want as many volunteers there as you can fit in your space!

What does the schedule look like? Would we have the flexibility to offer lunch and other options for our particular venue or are we required to stick to the schedule and itinerary provided?

The schedule is designed for it to be as easy on your host site as possible. If you provided an air-conditioned/heated room with decent screens or a projector, that’s enough. If you want to go all-out and provide meal(s), prizes, etc.—go for it! We’re thrilled that some locations are looking to go over-the-top!

What questions is my senior pastor going to ask about this?

We’ve covered a lot of questions (see above), but if you have additional questions, please let us know and we’ll update this FAQ with your question. Please email [email protected] with any additional questions.