It felt like home for a youth pastor needing a place of peace, laughter, and encouragement.

I was fueled up and came home ready to go!

The personal “big family reunion” vibe. Getting to connect with other youth pastors and the speakers.

I entered in fully.  I shared my stuff and felt known and cared for by the DYM Team.

I was encouraged and filled up.  God was loud and has been since then.

I loved the encouragement of meeting and talking with other youth workers across the nation.

I loved being challenged and equipped in different ways through speakers, friends, and even the fun events we experienced gave me new ideas in how to make things more fun in my church’s environments.  I also LOVED both times we got to worship!!!

The feeling. I felt valued and loved in everything we did.

I left feeling encouraged and poured into. I truly feel like I am a part of a great community and loved by the DYM  team.

I love that it felt like camp. I didn’t have to worry about a thing while I was there. I was encouraged, challenged, and allowed to relax. The smaller atmosphere allowed me to meet people easier, and having youth ministry pros there to just hang out with and learn through one on one conversations was amazing. A friend told me that this was the best conference around but I don’t think he did it justice. I absolutely loved DYM200 and really hope to come again.

I’m not sure what I was expecting. Actually I was prepared to do my own thing if this ended up being a flop. I was blown away by the community I experienced. Being able to talk about life and not just ministry with people that are going through the same things was awesome.

DYM 200 was a great place for me to connect with life minded friends who I would normally only connect via Facebook/text/phone. It gave me the opportunity to sit down and talk with many of the writers and YM legends that I would never have access to at any other time.

I loved the casual format, yet it was packed full of great experiences and information. It was very relevant to where I am in my ministry right now.”


The clear care put into every teaching, moment, and piece.

Loved all the super practical tips — especially concerning handling volunteers, processes to put in place, and how to love on teens and make them feel seen

I loved the practical, strategic, and organizational side of the conference… things most youth pastors aren’t known for. It gives a plan to the passion that many youth leaders have

I loved the energy from everyone, but mostly the passion and fire evident in you all for Jesus. Thank you for all you do!

DYM is very relational. I’ve been to quite a few conferences and most of them just offer preaching and a few breakouts. But DYM provides practical training and ways that we can apply it back in our ministries.

It was a great conference to learn not only from the speakers but other youth workers who are in the trenches each day.

I really didn’t know what to expect, and I really wish that it would have been longer. It was a great time of being loved on and having DYM personally invest into me.

The community part was amazing. So many other student Ministers I am not connected to! The small group time to debrief what was talked about was awesome and helpful.

I really enjoyed all of the teaching and discussion. Having small groups with YM legends was unreal! I also enjoyed connecting with YMs from all over the country.

It was unlike any conference I’ve ever attended. It was so encouraging & a great balance between helpful content, collaboration & making new friends.

TBH, I came in a little undercharged and burnt out. It was such a breath into my life to network/discuss student ministry.